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Image by Marvin Meyer

Our Vision

When our group gathered to come up with a business plan, we thought long and hard about why we wanted to start a business and we had the same conclusion. We want to make a mark as minority women in the US business world. Many work in the healthcare industry so we knew that our product should be in the same industry. We developed VURM+ which stands for Virtual Utilization Review Manager, a cloud- based application that is designed to help persons working in nursing management automate their tasks. Working in a nursing facility is stressful. You have to work long hours,  have less time with your own families. If their jobs become less stressful and processes become easier to follow, it means that they would have more time for themselves and with their families that can translate to them being happier. They would be more inspired to get to work and be more productive. And we believe that having a happy and productive employee is always an asset to every company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the skilled nursing facilities with data management solutions that are competitively priced so that they put more time and effort into the most important part of healthcare - the patients.

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